In-Ear Earbuds
From the Swedish Museum of Natural History different insects were observed for inspiration to design a wearable small device. The Rhino Beetle and its distinct and characteristic shapes gave birth to abstractions created in clay to further explore shapes, lines and curves.
Research of peoples way of interacting around their ear were conducted to better understand how we locate our finger in the area. 3D printed ear molds provided a good understanding of the ears unique shapes and guidance for ergonomics. Different design proposals of open and closed acoustic design was tried for different experiences.
The Beetle Buds unibody design is made of biodegradable ceramics and mushroom fibers without any visible seams. The earwings is made of fair-trade organic rubber. The distinct and contrast rich yellow and black color signals visibility and confidence,  inspired from other beetles variations. The earbuds pack multiple sensors to track space orientation and measure blood flow in the ear.
The Beetle Buds does not have any buttons and rely on a touch-sensitive surface for inputs and motion sensors to interact and wake up the earbuds from sleep. Six microphones helps you being heard in any environment and keeps track of high exposure noise levels during the day. Different sensors inside helps you count your steps, detect falls and adjust tempo of your music to enrich your experience.
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