The Future of Kitchens​​​​​​
Electrolux Kitchen Modules is an exploratory project in a design collaboration with Electrolux and aims to rethink where and what a kitchen means in the future. Through Circular Design and Right to Repair the idea of a modular kitchen that accompanies you in your journey in life was born.
Being able to expand your setup with more Kitchen Modules as your household grows and hand down Kitchen Modules.
Kitchen Modules revolves around the smart cooktop that incorporates different tools and haptic feedback in the form of pressure, vibration and light. The modules interface automatically adapts to the user's direction as it is placed and touched.
Pressure Sensitive

The top part of the ceramic glass cover can sense pressure to finely adjust your custom settings and rejects unintentional touches.
Adaptive & Expandable
The Kitchen Module have a simple but effective user interface. From the bottom left corner the four heat zones is activated and individually adjusted with a single tap and circular move of your finger.  The dotted middle section indicates the adjustable level of heat and is adjustable by gently pressing down and dragging your finger left to right. 
Each time your interactions have different tactile feedback as well as visual feedback of light and no matter in what direction your module is installed the interface adjusts to your direction by gently tapping with two fingers on the front facing top side.
Wish to expand your setup with multiple smart cooktops then its as easy as bringing the them togehther and instantly electricity and settings is transferred for a seamless transition.​​​​​​​
Individual HeatZones
The Kitchen Modules heat plate is designed from the ground up with the possibility to adjust and cook different ingredients at different heat settings. The conventional copper coil is redesigned as small plates easy to magnetically attach and repair if broken. 
Cool by Design
The unibody design of the Kitchen Module is designed with airflow in mind. From the bottom cold air is sucked up by the silent fain to cool down the heat plates and components and distribute hot air trough the four upper corners.
Attention to Each Component
To simplify the user experience of repair the components are all accessible by few as possible steps. For the packaged components in the bottom the users different ability to repair themselves is available by opening them up and exchange or repair. If not the user is able to identify the part with a issue by holding their phone near the part and send the whole component box to the manufacturers technicians. When repaired the component box is sent back and the user for easy install.
Cookware Set
Accompanied with the Kitchen Module 1 is a set of Cookware to cover most needs of cooking. Consisting of a Sauce pan with a strainer and divider for cooking different ingredients at once. Theres also a yellow steam pan to boil and steam at the same time.  ​​​​​​​
The Kitchen Modules welcomes the user with a Maple tree cutting board in tree different sizes to easily attach to your Kitchen Module or multiple Modules.
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