Rethinking The Kitchen
Modular Kitchen. Adaptive Interaction.
Kitchen Modules is a design collaboration with Electrolux that aims to rethink what a future kitchen is. The idea of a modular kitchen that accompanies you in your everyday life and as the household expands so does the setup. 
Kitchen Modules revolves around the smart cooktop that incorporates different tools and haptic feedback in the form of pressure, vibration and light. The modules interface automatically adapts to the user's direction as it is placed and touched.
The Kitchen Module have a user friendly user interface. The left corner displays four individual heat zones. The dotted middle section indicates the level of heat and is adjustable by gently pressing down and dragging your finger left to right. 
No matter what direction what direction you place your Kitchen Module the interface is automatically adjusted to face your direction.
Seamlessly expand your setup with multiple Kitchen Modules by just bringing the them together.
To simplify the user experience the product is easy to repair with as few dissasembly steps as possible and easily identifying the parts.
Fall 2020 for Electrolux and online for the public.
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