An accessible and innovative speaker for the home
​​​​​​​Orbit is an innovative and accessible speaker for the home where experience and function have been the core of the design. The study of sound in motion called Cymatics has given inspiration to work from a new perspective and approach about how sound travels.
The components of the speaker have been designed with unconventional shapes to achieve more ways of directing sound and give the perception of large sound from a compact speaker.
Environment, experience and users have been taken into consideration to create a long-term use of the speaker. It should be inspiring and easy to get closer to your music in different spaces.
​​​​​​​Orbit uses small speaker parts with passive components to balance and enhance the sound. The active modules are the Orbit 360 - treble module and the Orbit Bassmodule. Together with the C-shaped Soundtube and the green deflector between the two speakers of the Orbit 360 module, a bigger sound is produced to fill a larger room.
A control sphere  called Unibutton gathers all control in one and handles several control functions. It calculates from which direction a user touches it with the finger and then perceives how the steering is adapted in the right direction for the user. The user can then control various functions such as changing the song or adjusting the volume that is handled by sweeping and tilting movements. When the finger releases "Unibutton", the direction is reset after a while to be dynamically adjusted for steering from a new direction.​​​​​​​
What distinguishes the speaker to other is the ability to easily disassemble and repair components. This results on less environmental impact and requires less resources of material. The larger C-shaped component for example is a passive sound guiding component less likely to break and be repaired. The sound creating components are separated from the upgradable Smart Module that can be upgraded to add new hardware features. This means that only a small part of the speaker needs to be updated and extend the use of the speaker.
Public Exhibition open to the public
The project of the speaker Orbit shown to the public to interact with and try during the exhibition of Spring 2021. 
Protoype of Orbit shown in in different angles and highlighted details.
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