Audiovisual and Haptic Aid for Visually Impaired
Regaining independence for visually impaired people to navigate through spaces the audiovisual and haptic aid Sense was designed to solve this challenge.
Taking inspiration from the seahorse and its way of living gave inspiration to explore shapes and organic patterns to place on the body. The Seahorse grabs its tail around its safe space and the ear is a perfect place for its sensitive input areas.
Your Surrounding In Light Speed
Different sensors detects the world around you in depth and wide vision for you to navigate through spaces. Sense is a light and non obtrusive companion to bring richness to your everyday life. Decide how you like to communicate with the world, with a mix of speakers, microphones and haptic feedback modules, communication feels more human. 
The aid can help you with a big variety of tasks so you can focus on what matters the most. It could be walking or taking a ride or choosing between the flavors of pizzas on the menu. Even differentiate expression of other peoples faces to communicate with ease. Sense will adapt and learn your habits to provide an even accurate experience tailored to you over time.  
Just before you're you go to bed Sense is placed in its compact charging case on the bedside table to backup, update and be ready for your next day!
Light and Furniture Fair 2021
Stockholm Design Week 2021
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